Commercial Insurance

Business Liability & Group Health Benefits

Whether you’re self-employed or the head of a large corporation, you need InsureSource, LLC, for peace of mind in today’s unpredictable economy and ever-changing insurance industry. Ensure your company’s financial stability with our comprehensive group health and business liability insurance plans.

Group Health Insurance

With comprehensive benefits analyses, aggressive negotiation strategies, custom insurance programs, and in-depth consultations, we have everything you need to implement a group benefits package to fit your insurance needs and budget. Some of the coverage options we offer include:

Business Liability Insurance

Business insurance is one of the largest expenses for your company or organization, which is why it’s important to have clear objectives and goals when it comes to your various insurance programs. We can help you achieve your business insurance needs while containing costs.
Regardless of your industry, we can implement a business insurance package that gives you the coverage, protection, and reliability you deserve. We can customize your insurance package with any number of options, including: